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River Landscape in Wales by David Cox


A Piano Lesson by David Cox


Valle Crucis Abbey, Denbighshire by Paul Sandby


Windsor Great Park by Paul Sandby


Sketch to Illustrate the Passions. Senility or Peevishness by Richard Dadd


Goody Two Shoes' Picture Book by Walter Crane


Beauty and the Beast by Walter Crane


Woman Seated on a Sofa by Walter Crane


The Mirror of Venus by Walter Crane


Italian Farmhouse by Walter Crane


Juno by Richard Cosway


George IV, When Prince of Wales by William Beechey


Portrait of a Woman by William Beechey


Dawn by Simeon Solomon


Samson Carrying the Gates by Frederic Leighton


Lachrymae by Frederic Leighton


Lucia by Frederic Leighton


The Redemption of Tannhauser by Frank Dicksee


Bonchurch Downs by John Brett


Kynance by John Brett


The Bridge at Shoreham by Samuel Palmer


View of Clovelly, Devon by Samuel Palmer


On the North Coast of Devon, Lundy Island in the Distance by Samuel Palmer


Sabrina by Samuel Palmer


Underriver - The Golden Valley by John Linnell


View of Kensington Gardens, London by John Linnell


The Wedding of Stephen Beckingham and Mary Cox by William Hogarth


A Section of the Via Sacra, Rome by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg


Landscape by John Henry Twachtman


View of Yosemite Valley by Thomas Hill


Village by the Water in Winter by Valentin Serov


Ariadne by Asher Brown Durand


High Point - Shandaken Mountains by Asher Brown Durand


Summer Afternoon by Asher Brown Durand


War by Henri Rousseau



Bathers, 1883-1887 by Paul Cezanne


Bathers, 1874-1875 by Paul Cezanne


View of the sea at L'Estaque by Paul Cezanne


Girl with Peaches by Valentin Serov


Portrait of Henriette Girshman by Valentin Serov


The Rape of Europa by Valentin Serov


The Annunciation by John William Waterhouse


Portrait of Miss Claire Kenworthy by John William Waterhouse


Sketch for A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse


Head study for The Enchanted Garden by John William Waterhouse


Lady on a Balcony, Capri by John William Waterhouse


Portrait of Christophe Louis Engelhard Dalgas by Christen Kobke


The Bay of Naples with Vesuvius in the Background by Christen Kobke