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Portrait of Isaac Abrahamsz by Frans Hals


Saint John the Evangelist by Frans Hals


The Birth of the Virgin by Erasmus Quellinus II


Jason with the Golden Fleece by Erasmus Quellinus II


Cupid on a Dolphin by Erasmus Quellinus II


Bird concert by Workshop of Jan Fyt


Portrait of a boy with a falcon and two dogs by Jan Fyt


Hunting Still Life with Dog by Jan Fyt


Bagged Hare and Game-Fowl by Jan Fyt


Still Life with Woodcocks by Jan Fyt


Still Life with Quails and a Partridge by Jan Fyt


Still Life of Abundant Game by Jan Fyt


Cat and Still Life with Game by Jan Fyt


Hare, Fruit, and Parrot by Jan Fyt


The Apparition of the Virgin of El Pilar to St. James by Nicolas Enriquez


The Baptism of Christ by Enriquez


The Return of the Holy Family from Egypt by Nicolas Enriquez


The Virgin of Guadalupe with the Four Apparitions by Nicolas Enriquez


The Glorification of the Eucharist by Peter Paul Rubens


Presentation in the Temple by Peter Paul Rubens


A Sermon in a Village Church by Peter Paul Rubens


Saint Catherine of Alexandria by Peter Paul Rubens


Portrait of a Woman, Probably Susanna Lunden by Peter Paul Rubens


Study of Two Heads by Peter Paul Rubens


The Holy Family with Saints Francis and Anne and the Infant Saint John the Baptist by Peter Paul Rubens


The Coronation of the Virgin by Peter Paul Rubens


Atalanta and Meleager by Peter Paul Rubens


Bust of Pseudo-Seneca by Peter Paul Rubens


The Feast of Achelous by Peter Paul Rubens


Rubens, His Wife Helena Fourment, and Their Son Frans by Peter Paul Rubens


Portrait of a Man, Possibly an Architect or Geographer by Peter Paul Rubens


Wolf and Fox Hunt by Peter Paul Rubens


Fox With Two Herons by Frans Snyders


La Foire de Gonesse by Jean-Michel Moreau


Comme ils en etaient la, arrive l'oncle by Jean-Michel Moreau


The Morning Toilet by Jean-Michel Moreau


Les Adieux, from Le Monument du Costume by Jean-Michel Moreau


The Maker of Scales by Jean-Michel Moreau


The Sacrifice of Iphigenia by Jean-Michel Moreau


The Wager Won by Jean-Michel Moreau


Still Life with Dead Game, a Monkey, a Parrot, and a Dog by Frans Snyders


Still Life of Artichokes, Grapes and a Melon In a Basket by Workshop of Frans Snyders


Still Life with Game suspended on Hooks by Frans Snyders


Ceres with two Nymphs by Frans Snyders


A Game Stall by Frans Snyders


Vixens Chased by Dogs by Frans Snyders


The Boar Hunt by Frans Snyders


Still Life with Fruit, Dead Game, Vegetables, a live Monkey, Squirrel and Cat by Frans Snyders