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The Visit by Pieter de Hooch


Leisure Time in an Elegant Setting by Pieter de Hooch


Woman and Child with Serving Maid by Pieter de Hooch


Courtyard in Delft at Evening by Pieter de Hooch


A Woman Preparing Bread and Butter for a Boy by Pieter de Hooch


White Chateau, Lievin by Gyrth Russell


Vimy Ridge from Souchez by Gyrth Russell


Houses In The Place Hotel De Ville, Arras by Gyrth Russell


Ablain - Saint - Nazaire by Gyrth Russell


Portrait of Madam Verdier by Paul Peel


The Young Biologist by Paul Peel


The Tired Model by Paul Peel


The Little Shepherdess by Paul Peel


The Bubble Boy by Paul Peel


Adoration by Paul Peel


Interesting Story by Laura Muntz Lyall


Gibraltar by James Wilson Morrice


Beach Scene, Tangier by James Wilson Morrice


The Little Worker by Helen McNicoll


Picking Flowers by Helen McNicoll


Interior by Helen McNicoll


Blackberry Gathering by Elizabeth Forbes


The Orchard by Elizabeth Forbes


Here we are gathering nuts in May by Elizabeth Forbes


The Sunken Road, Hangard by Maurice Cullen


Gentelles by Maurice Cullen


Springtime by Pierre Auguste Cot


Olivia Peyton Murray Cutting, wife of William Bayard Cutting by Alexandre Cabanel


Cincinnatus Receiving Deputies of the Senate by Alexandre Cabanel


Christina Nilsson by Alexandre Cabanel


Nude Male Figure with a Sword by Alexandre Cabanel


Echo by Alexandre Cabanel


Catharine Lorillard Wolfe by Alexandre Cabanel


The Birth of Venus by Alexandre Cabanel


A Shell Hole by John William Beatty


The West Wind by Tom Thomson


Early Spring by Tom Thomson


Black Spruce and Maple by Tom Thomson


Bateaux, 1916. by Tom Thomson


Autumn Foliage by Tom Thomson


A Northern Lake by Tom Thomson


The Drive by Tom Thomson


Sandbank with Logs by Tom Thomson


Rapids by Tom Thomson


Pine Trees at Sunset by Tom Thomson


Northern Lake by Tom Thomson


Marguerites, Wood Lillies and Vetch by Tom Thomson


Tea Lake Dam, Spring by Tom Thomson