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Ignacio Garcini y Queralt, Brigadier of Engineers by Francisco Goya


Tiburcio Perez y Cuervo, the Architect by Francisco Goya


Josefa de Castilla Portugal y van Asbrock de Garcini by Francisco Goya


Sebastian Martinez y Perez by Francisco Goya


Condesa de Altamira and Her Daughter, Maria Agustina by Francisco Goya


Two Satyrs in a Landscape by Titian


Portrait of a Man by Titian


Filippo Archinto, Archbishop of Milan by Titian


Venus and Adonis -- by Titian


Venus and the Lute Player by Titian


Captain Downman by John Downman


Mrs. Downman by John Downman


Self-Portrait by William Orpen


Benjamin Moore McVickar by Charles Cromwell Ingham


The Flower Girl by Charles Cromwell Ingham


Satan, Sin, and Death by James Barry


Job Reproved by His Friends by James Barry


A Grecian Harvest-Home, or Thanksgiving to the Rural Deities, Ceres, Bacchus, by James Barry


Orpheus Instructing a Savage People in Theology and the Arts of Social Life by James Barry


Divine Justice by James Barry


Cattle and Sheep at Resting at the Edge of a Forest by George Barret


Arcadian Landscape by George Barret


A Mother and Children Resting beneath a Large Beech Tree by George Barret


Mountainous Landscape with a Party of Travellers by Hugh William Williams


Portrait of Abram Jacob Messir by David Wilkie


The Highland Family by David Wilkie


The Giralda, Seville by David Roberts


The Temple at Dendur, Nubia by David Roberts


Oriental Scene by David Roberts


The Drummond Children by Henry Raeburn


George Harley Drummond by Henry Raeburn


Alexander Maconochie of Meadowbank by Henry Raeburn


John Gray of Newholm by Henry Raeburn


James Johnston of Straiton by Henry Raeburn


William Scott-Elliot of Arkleton by Henry Raeburn


William Robertson, Lord Robertson by Henry Raeburn


William Fraser of Reelig by Henry Raeburn


Near Penshurst, Kent by Patrick Nasmyth


Cock Fight by Arthur Melville


Culver Cliff, Isle of Wight by William Dyce


Bird Comedy by Paul Klee


The Saint of the Inner Light by Paul Klee


Tale a la Hoffmann by Paul Klee


Hoffmannesque Scene by Paul Klee


Adam and Little Eve by Paul Klee


Cold City by Paul Klee


The Hypocrites by Paul Klee


Lovers by Paul Klee