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Saint Sebastian by Guido Reni


Saint Sebastian by Guido Reni


Saint Jerome by Guido Reni


Saint James the Greater by Guido Reni


Magdalene with the Jar of Ointment by Guido Reni


Lucretia by Guido Reni


The Risen Christ Embraced the Cross by Guido Reni


Blessed Soul by Guido Reni


Joseph and Potiphar's Wife by Guido Reni


Madonna and Child with Saints by Ludovico Carracci


The Lamentation by Ludovico Carracci


The Annunciation by Ludovico Carracci


Portrait of a Young Man by Ludovico Carracci


Christ in the Wilderness, Served by Angels by Ludovico Carracci


Allegory of Providence by Ludovico Carracci


St. Sebastian Thrown into the Cloaca Maxima by Ludovico Carracci


Triton Sounding a Conch Shell by Annibale Carracci


Studies for a Figure of Saint Francis Kneeling in a Three-Quarter View and for His Hands by Annibale Carracci


Saint Jerome in the Wilderness by Annibale Carracci


Crawling Male Figure by Annibale Carracci


Christ Crowned with Thorns by Annibale Carracci


Saint John the Baptist Bearing Witness by Annibale Carracci


The Coronation of the Virgin by Annibale Carracci


Two Children Teasing a Cat by Annibale Carracci


The Virgin in Prayer by Annibale Carracci


Crucifixion by Annibale Carracci


Lady Seated at a Virginal by Jan Vermeer


Lady Standing at a Virginal by Jan Vermeer


Madonna and Child with St John by Annibale Carracci


The Butcher's Shop by Annibale Carracci


Saint Peter by Annibale Carracci


Saint Paul by Annibale Carracci


River Landscape by Annibale Carracci


Male Portrait - The Lutenist Mascheroni by Annibale Carracci


Landscape and Figures by Annibale Carracci


Christ and the Samaritan Woman by Annibale Carracci


Relief of the Stronghold of Constance by Vincenzo Carducci


Ordination and first mass of Saint John of Mata by Vincenzo Carducci


Martyrdom of San Ramon Nonato by Vincenzo Carducci


Martyrdom of Saint Peter Armengol by Vincenzo Carducci


Meeting of Saint John of Mata and Saint Felix de Valois by Vincenzo Carducci


Saint Agnes by Vincenzo Carducci


Saint John of Mata delivers the letters of the Pope to the King of Morocco by Vincenzo Carducci


Miraculous Return of San Juan de Mata by Vincenzo Carducci


The capture of Rheinfelden by the troops of the Duke of Feria by Vincenzo Carducci


Portrait of Guillaume Bude by Jean Clouet


Portrait of Francis I, King of France by Jean Clouet


Christ Blessing by Hans Memling