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View of Yosemite Valley by Thomas Hill


Village by the Water in Winter by Valentin Serov


Ariadne by Asher Brown Durand


High Point - Shandaken Mountains by Asher Brown Durand


Summer Afternoon by Asher Brown Durand


War by Henri Rousseau



Bathers, 1883-1887 by Paul Cezanne


Bathers, 1874-1875 by Paul Cezanne


View of the sea at L'Estaque by Paul Cezanne


Girl with Peaches by Valentin Serov


Portrait of Henriette Girshman by Valentin Serov


The Rape of Europa by Valentin Serov


The Annunciation by John William Waterhouse


Portrait of Miss Claire Kenworthy by John William Waterhouse


Sketch for A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse


Head study for The Enchanted Garden by John William Waterhouse


Lady on a Balcony, Capri by John William Waterhouse


Portrait of Christophe Louis Engelhard Dalgas by Christen Kobke


The Bay of Naples with Vesuvius in the Background by Christen Kobke


The Surviving Horatian by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg


The Sword of Damocles by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg


Sailing Vessels at Wilders Plads, Copenhagen by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg


Columns of the Temple of Neptune at Paestum by Constantin Hansen


Adoration of the Shepherds by Joachim Beuckelaer


Execution of the Five Kings of the Amorites by Joachim Beuckelaer


Fish Market by Joachim Beuckelaer


Cupid and Psyche by Bartholomeus Spranger


Minerva and Mercury Arming Perseus by Bartholomeus Spranger


Minerva by Bartholomeus Spranger


Wisdom Conquers Ignorance by Bartholomeus Spranger


Saint John the Evangelist by Bartholomeus Spranger


Saint Paul at Lystra by Jacob Jordaens


Venice - Santa Maria della Salute by Canaletto


Piazza San Marco by Canaletto


The Head of the Virgin in Three-Quarter View Facing Right by Leonardo da Vinci


Fireworks, The World's Fair VI by Felix Vallotton


Landscape by Alexandre Calame


Telemachus and the Nymphs of Calypso by Angelica Kauffman


The Sorrow of Telemachus by Angelica Kauffman


The Dream of the Shepherd by Ferdinand Hodler


Portrait of Jan Toorop by Georges Lemmen


The Fishing Fleet by Theo Van Rysselberghe


Intimacy by Theo Van Rysselberghe


Maria Van Rysselberghe Arranging Her Hair before a Mirror by Theo Van Rysselberghe


Portrait of Augustine de Rothmaler by Theo Van Rysselberghe


The Street Pavers by Umberto Boccioni


States of Mind - The Farewells by Umberto Boccioni


States of Mind - Those Who Go by Umberto Boccioni